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Below is a complete list of my output. A similar list can be found on my google scholar and researchgate profiles.

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peer-reviewed journal articles

Johnson TE, Kirkland CL, Viete DR, Fischer S, Reddy SM, Evans NJ, McDonald BJ (2017)

Zircon geochronology reveals polyphase magmatism and crustal anatexis in the Buchan Block, NE Scotland: implications for the Grampian orogeny.
Geoscience Frontiers, 8, 1469–1478. doi:10.1016/j.gsf.2017.02.002

Reddy SM, van Riessen A, Saxey DW, Johnson TE, Rickard WDA, Fougerouse D, Fischer S, Prosa TJ, Rice KP, Reinhard DA, Chen Y, Olson D (2016)
Mechanisms of deformation-induced trace element migration in zircon resolved by atom probe and correlative microscopy.
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 195, 158–170. doi:10.1016/j.gca.2016.09.019

Reddy SM, Johnson TE, Fischer S, Rickard WDA, Taylor RJM(2015)
Precambrian reidite discovered in shocked zircon from the Stac Fada impactite, Scotland.
Geology, 43, 899–902. doi:10.1130/G37066.1

Johnson TE, Kirkland CL, Reddy SM, Fischer S (2015)
Grampian migmatites in the Buchan Block, NE Scotland.
Journal of Metamorphic Geology, 33, 695–709. doi:10.1111/jmg.12147

Johnson TE, Fischer S, White RW (2013)
Field and petrographic evidence for partial melting of TTG gneiss within the central region of the Lewisian complex, NW Scotland.
Journal of the Geological Society, 170, 319–326. doi:10.1144/jgs2012-096

Johnson TE, Fischer S, White RW, Brown M, Rollinson H (2012)
Archaean Intracrustal Differentiation from Partial Melting of Metagabbro Field and Geochemical Evidence from the Central Region of the Lewisian Complex, NW Scotland.
Journal of Petrology, 53, 2115–2138. doi:10.1093/petrology/egs046

conference abstracts

Delvigne C, Guihou A, Schuessler JA, Savage P, Fischer S, Hatton JE, Hendry KR, Bayon G, Ponzevera E, Georg B, Akerman A, Pokrovsky O, Poitrasson F, Meunier J-D, Basile-Doelsch I (2019)
An inter-comparison exercise of the Si isotope composition of soils and plant reference materials. EGU, Vienna.

Fischer S, Cawood PA, Hawkesworth C, Prave A, Johnson T, Horstwood M, EIMF (2018)
New zircon data from the Lewisian mafic gneisses and leucosomes – the terrane model re-revisited? Granulites & Granulites Conference, Ullapool.

Fischer S, Cawood PA, Hawkesworth C, Percival J, Spencer CJ (2016)
Zircon geochemistry during amphibolite and granulite-facies metamorphism and partial melting of metabasic rocks an example from the Kapuskasing uplift, Ontario. Metamorphic Studies Group - Research in Progress meeting, Keyworth.

Reddy SM, Johnson TE, Rickard W, van Riessen A, Fischer S, Taylor RJM, Prosa TJ, Reinhard DA, Rice KP, Chen Y (2015)
Precambrian Reidite Unearthed. GSA Annual Meeting, Baltimore.

Fischer S, Cawood PA, Hawkesworth C, Percival J, Spencer CJ, EIMF (2015)
Elemental and isotopic characteristics of zircon from mafic amphibolite and granulite facies rocks, Kapuskasing uplift, Ontario, Canada. Goldschmidt Conference, Prague. Goldschmidt Abstracts 2015, p. 915.
read on conference website

Fischer S, Cawood PA, Hawkesworth C, Percival J, Spencer CJ, EIMF (2015)
Isotopic characteristics and Ti-thermometry in zircons from amphibolites and anatectic mafic granulites in the Kapuskasing uplift. Granulites & granulites, Windhoek.

Johnson T, Kirkland C, Reddy S, Fischer S (2015)
An amphibolite to granulite facies transition in the Buchan Block, NE Scotland: Mn fractionation and implications of an isobaric metamorphic field gradient. Granulites & granulites, Windhoek.

Fischer S, Johnson TE, White RW, Brown M (2014)
Crustal anatexis during granulite facies metamorphism in the central region of the Lewisian Complex. North Atlantic Craton Conference, St Andrews.

Fischer S, Johnson TE, White RW, Brown M (2013)
Evidence for granulite facies partial melting within the central region of the Lewisian Complex, NW Scotland. Building Strong Continents Conference, Portsmouth.

Fischer S, Prelević D, Akal C, Romer RL & Gerdes A (2012)
Geochemical, geochronological and geobarometric constraints on lamprophyres from the central Menderes massif implications for regional geodynamics. International Earth Science Colloquium on the Aegean Region. ISC08-331. read on conference website

Fischer S, Prelević D & Akal C (2012)
Multistage crystallisation recorded in zoned phenocrysts an example from lamprophyres from the Central Menderes Massif, Turkey. European Mineralogical Conference Vol. 1, EMC2012-115. read on conference website

Fischer S, Prelević D & Akal C (2010)
Alkaline Intrusives And What They Tell Us About the Uplift of the Menderes Massif, W. Anatolia, Turkey. in: Dilek Y & Bozkurt E (eds.), Tectonic Crossroads: Evolving Orogens of Eurasia-Africa-Arabia, The Geological Society of America, No. 21-19 BTH 22. read on conference website

non-peer reviewed
Johnson TE, Fischer S (2014)
Cairnbulg to Inzie Head Dalradian Migmatites. In: digital republishing/update of Trewin NH, Kneller BC and Gillen C (eds.) Excursion Guide to the Geology of the Aberdeen Area. Published digitally at:
AGS website

Petersen S, Augustin N, Cherkashev G, Fischer S, Franz L, Han X, Klein F, Maggiulli M, Ockert C, Perner M, Peters M, Rahders E, Rudzitis E, Smith D, Stepanova T, Storm S, Strauss H, and Zhou N (2007)
Shallow-drilling of the ultramafic-hosted Logatchev hydrothermal field at 1445'N on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge using a new lander-type seafloor drill. InterRidge News, 16: p. 11-13. get pdf

Franz L, Klein F, Fischer S, Stepanova T (2009)
2.4.3 Petrography of the mafic and ultramafic samples. In: FS Maria S Merian Cruise Report MSM03/2 HYDROMAR IV "The third dimension of the Logatchev hydrothermal field", Fort de France - Fort de France, 08.11.-30.11.2006, IFM-GEOMAR Report No. 34: pp. 23-29. doi: 10.3289/ifm-geomar_rep_34_2009

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